August 12, 2021

SUGAR: U.S. beet sugar production for 2020/21 is decreased by 51,945 short tons, raw value (STRV) to 5.063 million,
mostly on a lower share of crop year 2021/22 beet sugar production occurring in August and September 2021. That
portion of processor-reported decreases (50,000 STRV) stemming from later-than-anticipated harvest start dates is
expected to be accounted for in the 2021/22 fiscal year. For 2021/22 NASS sugarbeet yield and area harvested forecasts
in the August Crop Production report imply national sugarbeet production at 33.710 million tons, slightly above the total
for 2020/21. Assuming average recovery, shrink, and recovery from desugared molasses, 2021/22 crop year production
is forecast at 4.988 million STRV. Adjustments made for expected August-September production in 2021 and 2022 plus
sugar from imported sugarbeets from Canada imply fiscal year 2021/22 production of 5.078 million STRV, an increase of
45,265 over last month. Cane sugar production in Texas is decreased by 5,000 STRV based on processor reporting.