The purpose of the organization is to unite sugarbeet growers in the United States and promote the common interest of state and regional beet grower associations, which include legislative and international representation and public relations.

Our members associations represent 10,000 family farmers in all 11 producing states (California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming). The Board of Directors donate their time and talents to ASGA in order to represent their growers’ interests in maintaining a strong, profitable, efficient and productive industry. They and their fellow farmers are dedicated to supplying a portion of the consumer’s sweetener needs. It is a challenge and responsibility that they take seriously and proudly accept.

In The News

Sugar Policy Has Operated $634 Million Below Budget Since ‘08

The Congressional Budget Office is charged with providing Congress budget estimates for all government policies. Sugar policy is no different, and critics often like to point to these estimates – especially in the out years – as a way to criticize sugar farmers’ safety net. But just how accurate have these estimates turned out to… Continue Reading

Stakes On The Global Stage Are High. So Let’s Focus On…Sugar?

The President of the United States is in Europe discussing a global climate accord, which will hold economic and political ramifications for generations to come. Foreign allies are debating enhanced military involvement in the war on terror. Violence has gripped many U.S. cities. Racial tensions are flaring. A leading measure of U.S. manufacturing just fell… Continue Reading

Promises Kept or Promises Broken?

Congress made a promise to rural America when it passed the 2014 Farm Bill, which was the bi-partisan product of more than three years of careful deliberation and 40 hearings. Although the 2014 Farm Bill reduced spending by $23 billion, lawmakers promised farmers that the bill would still provide them a strong five-year safety net… Continue Reading

KWS and Monsanto Extend Partnership to Develop Next-Generation Sugarbeet Technology

Partnership combines advanced plant breeding, additional options for managing tough weeds [Oct. 21, 2015] — KWS SAAT SE and Monsanto Company announced today an extension of their partnership that will focus on helping U.S. and Canadian sugarbeet growers manage tough-to-control weeds. The new technology will seek to deliver tolerance to three different herbicides — glyphosate,… Continue Reading

U.S. Beet Sugar Industry Urges Action on National Food Labeling Standard

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date:  October 21, 2015 Contact:  American Sugarbeet Growers Washington, D.C. – Sugarbeet growers and processors from across the nation applauded the Senate Agriculture Committee today for holding an important hearing on the safety of genetically modified food ingredients and the importance of biotechnology. The hearing once again demonstrated the urgent need for… Continue Reading

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