U.S.-Malaysia FTA

Status: Negotiations ongoing

(As of 9/30/08)


  • Enters into force: Pending
  • Senate vote to implement agreement: Pending
  • House vote to implement agreement: Pending
  • Agreement signed by governments: Pending
  • Negotiations completed: Pending
  • Negotiations began: March 8, 2006

Malaysia Sugar Facts

  • Production (Avg. 2005-2007): 78,000 metric tons
  • Consumption (Avg. 2005-2007): 1,215,000 metric tons
  • Imports (Avg. 2005-2007): 1,462,667 metric tons
  • Exports: (Avg. 2005-2007): 328,333 metric tons

Malaysia is consistently a net importer of sugar. It produces about 80,000 metric tons of sugar per year, processed at three cane mills. Its two cane refineries import about 1.6 million tons of raw sugar, mainly from Australia, Brazil, and Thailand. Malaysia consumes 1.2-1.3 million tons per year, and re-exports about 400,000 tons of white sugar, mainly to Indonesia.

Additional Access Granted to U.S. Market


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