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With its refreshed site, GMO Answers continues to help visitors find better answers to their questions about agriculture, biotechnology and how our food is grown.

  • As the conversation around GMOs continues to change, the refreshed website is an enhanced platform that allows GMO Answers to better serve consumers.
  • The website’s enhanced search functionality will better allow viewers to find answers to their most-asked questions.
  • GMO Answers will refresh its resources and create rich, dynamic content – including videos and interactive tools – that communicate the science behind GMOs to consumers.
  • GMO Answers will continue to work closely with its volunteer experts to find new ways to answer users’ questions.

We hope you will visit the new site, and help us promote the latest incarnation of the GMO Answers platform.  Please feel free to use the attached graphic when sharing on social media and in your networks.

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Finding GMO answers & credible resources just got easier! Explore @GMOAnswers newly revamped site:


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