Program Agenda

2021 ASGA Annual Virtual Meeting

February 2 and 3, 2021
10:00 am – 1:00 pm Eastern Time

Day 1


Welcome by President Younggren

Advice For Preparing For The 2023 Farm Bill

Collin Peterson (D-MN) – Outgoing Chairman, House Agriculture Committee

A 30-year veteran on Capitol Hill, Collin Peterson is a giant within the agriculture community. For decades he has championed the causes of farmers across the nation and no group of growers have benefited more than sugarbeet growers. Join us as we hear from him what to expect going forward and to wish him our heartfelt thanks for all that he has done for us.

Preparing The Beet Sugar Industry For A Strong Future

Senator John Hoeven (R-ND)

Senator Hoeven has been a relentless champion for our nation’s farmers and for our industry. From emergency assistance to pandemic relief, the Senator has ensured that farmers have the resources they need during trying times. With his experience as Chairman of the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee and as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, he is uniquely positioned to explain what the future holds for agriculture policy.

Opportunities in the 117th Congress for the Senate Agriculture Committee

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)

Senator Stabenow is Chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.  Her experience as the senior democrat on the committee for several congresses, places her in a powerful position.  She has used her seniority to strongly advocate on behalf of growers, while also bridging the gap with urban consumers.  She leads the way on many issues including climate change and she has been a tireless champion of our industry.  See what she thinks awaits the U.S. Senate in the coming years.

10-minute break

The 2021 Senate Ag Agenda And Preparing For The 2023 Farm Bill

Senator John Boozman (R-AR), Senior Agriculture Committee Republican

Senator Boozman is a twenty-year veteran of Capitol Hill. Originally elected to the House in 2001, Boozman was elected in 2010 to the US Senate. He is a member of several committees, including the Senate Agriculture Committee. Hear from Senator Boozman as he looks towards 2021 and all it has in store for agriculture.

Agriculture Trade Agenda

Dr. Julie Callahan Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Agricultural Affairs and Commodity Policy. Moderated by Brian Grunenfelder (American Sugar Alliance Trade Advisor)

Global Impact On Sugar Supply And Demand In The Pandemic

Jose Orive, Executive Director, International Sugar Organization, London

Mr. Orive’s team keep meticulous records on sugar production, consumption and trade. They monitor, study and issue reports on a variety of sugar producer and consumer issues in countries around the world. He will reveal the driving issues confronting the global sugar industry and highlight the impact the pandemic having on supply chains. What are the impacts of climate change on global production? How do foreign countries view the changes to the Biden Administration? It will be a fascinating discussion with a global leader in the world of sugar.

Critical Threats Facing The European Union Beet Industry And Their Global Implications

Elisabeth Lacoste, Director, Confederation of European Beet Growers, Brussels, Belgium

European beet growers face a growing set of threats related to environmental regulations, pesticide regulations, shifting trade alliances, and climate conditions. Learn how our European colleagues have tried to overcome these many challenges and what they see on the horizon. Our industry can learn how to act proactively to prevent similar threats in the United States.

ASGA President Younggren Wrap Up, Preview of The Next Day And 2022 Annual Meeting

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Day 2


Welcome by President Younggren

Key Policy Issues for a Strong Industry And A Bright Future

Jack Roney, Director of Economics and Policy Analysis, American Sugar Alliance

Mr. Roney will outline the farm and trade policies we have identified as the most crucial to sustaining the U.S. sugar industry, and the arguments and research we have used to explain the benefits and necessity of those policies to lawmakers. Given his retirement in August 2021, we will offer our tribute for his 31 years of service as an important industry leader.

Resilient Sugar Supply Chains in a Pandemic

Craig Ruffolo, Vice President, Commodities Specialist, McKeany-Flavell

Mr. Ruffolo will bring tremendous insights and perspectives from sugar buyers and sellers of sweeteners in North America. The 2019 beet and cane disasters followed by the pandemic brought multiple unique challenges and the sugar supply chain proved to be resilient. Congress has recently focused on the need for resiliency in supply chains of essential goods, which is why farm and trade policies matter for America’s food security.

Making Sense Of Consumers Love-Hate Relationship With Sugar

Courtney Gaine, Ph.D., R.D, President and CEO, The Sugar Association

Dr. Gaine is an international authority on sugar and the diet. Sensationalized headlines coupled with new government policies have an impact on consumer perception of sugar. Consumers now say they look to reduce sugar and manufacturers are forced to reformulate consumer products. However, consumers don’t want sugar substitutes either. What does the future hold for sugar demand by consumers?

Telling Sugar’s Story to Congress

Phillip Hayes, Partner, North Bridge Communications

For the past 15 years, Mr. Hayes has led a highly effective communications strategy for the U.S. sugar industry on farm, trade and legal issues facing domestic sugar producers. Over that time, Members of Congress and Administrations have frequently changed, creating a string of new issues and challenges. 2021 will be no different, bringing a host of new opportunities and unrelenting attacks from opponents to sugar policy. Learn what the industry plans for the new year as we seek to educate and inform new policy makers and regulators in today’s environment.

Climate Risks Impacting Agriculture’s Future

Mr. Bill Hohenstein, Director, Office of Energy and Environmental Policy, USDA

Beet growers know the significant risks of weather events such as excess rain, drought, wind, hail and freeze on beets and other crops we grow. What long-term climate challenges do we face and how can we respond to them to mitigate our risk? Mr. Hohenstein will provide key insights into what the future holds and the government response to those questions.

Strategies on Key Issues That Impact Sugarbeet Growers

Scott Herndon, ASGA Vice President and General Counsel

ASGA staff have spent much of this year focused on proactive solutions to challenges related to crop insurance, sustainability, climate change, biotechnology and pesticide issues. Learn how we have positioned our industry as a leader in discussions regarding voluntary, incentive-based solutions to climate change concerns.

Building On Successes For A New Congress And A Changed Political Landscape

Zack Clark, ASGA Director of Government Affairs

Zack spends much of his time with staff on Capitol Hill. In a time of significant change, learn what the transition means for our DC advocacy. We will identify new congressional leaders and their legislative priorities and what to expect for the next Farm Bill. Also learn how lobbying has changed during COVID and how ASGA and our leadership have handled this new environment.

A Great Year Ahead, Luther Markwart, ASGA Executive Vice President

President’s Remarks

Daniel Younggren, ASGA President

Invitation to 2022 Annual Meeting – Scottsdale, Arizona

Betaseed’s LIVE Trivia (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place prizes)

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