Press Release: Sen. Crapo: U.S. and Mexican Governments Must Fix Sugar Market Mess

From the International Sweetener Symposium:

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho—The U.S. Department of Commerce found Mexico’s sugar industry guilty of dumping subsidized sugar onto the U.S. market and harming American producers. But the 2014 settlement forged between the two governments to avoid retaliatory tariffs isn’t working, a United States Senator said today at the International Sweetener Symposium.

“Mexico has pursued creative means of circumventing the 18-month-old suspension agreements,” explained Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID). “The suspension agreements are not working, and Mexico and Mexican sugar producers are still effectively dumping subsidized sugar into the United States.”

Crapo urged U.S. administration officials to work with their Mexican counterparts to fix the suspension agreements so they can operate as intended and end injury to U.S. producers.

“It’s incumbent upon our government to crack down on unfair trade practices and ensure the suspension agreements with Mexico are properly executed and upheld,” he continued.

Doing so, Crapo said, would “strengthen the U.S. sugar industry, and it may reassure trade critics that the federal government is serious about free and fair trade.”

Mexico’s actions are indicative of the types of foreign subsidies and predatory trade practices with which U.S. farmers must contend every day, he noted, which is why a strong farm policy is so important.

For sugar, that shield against foreign cheating is provided by a sugar policy that operates without taxpayer cost. Crapo pledged to work hand-in-hand with U.S. sugar producers to defend no-cost U.S. sugar policy against farmers’ critics in future legislative debates.

“Let’s not change a policy that is working,” he concluded to applause from the audience.

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