Colorado Sugarbeet Growers Association and American Sugarbeet Growers Association Statement for the Record

We submitted the attached statement for the record for the January 9th hearing in the House Committee on Small Business entitled “Farming in the 21st Century: The Impacts of Agriculture Technology in Rural America.”  In the statement, Paul Schlagel, sugarbeet farmer from Longmont, Colorado and Chairman of the ASGA Biotech and Research Committee details the many sustainability benefits our industry has been able to achieve through technology, biotech and otherwise.

Dear Chairwoman Velazquez:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a statement for the record for the January 9, 2020, hearing on Agriculture Technology (ag-tech). My statement will focus on ag-tech usage in Colorado, where I farm, but will also shed light on ag-tech usage adopted in the other sugarbeet producing states (California, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming). Sugarbeets are grown in 11 states by 10,000 family farmers who are the lifeblood of the rural communities in which they live and farm.


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